As though it was familiar turf, Michelle sang her first song at the tender age of three at her “Grandpa’s” church in her native town of Oakland, California. With roots planted firmly in gospel, she did a brief stint with legendary “MC Hammer” but quickly found out that sacred and inspirational music unequivocally filled her heart with joy, “I just want to keep it real, I love the instrumentation of bass-heavy R&B, hip-hop and neo-soul, so whenever I do a project, I’ll put sacred & inspirational lyrics over that kind of music on some of my songs. However, there is a traditional side of me too. I love the old 100’s, anthems and ‘sho’nuff gospel music. Those songs brought me through tough times. They are near and dear to my heart.”

Known for singing in churches all over the Bay Area, she took a chance to explore the world of theatre by writing, producing and co-starring in a four gospel musicals entitled, Candy Ain’t Always Sweet. “The play is about a young divorced mother raising two daughters in the 70’s who ‘burns the candle at both ends’ by working at a night club to make ends meet, ultimately, loving the fast pace and flashy lifestyle of the night life. This play is a story of family, redemption and salvation. It was intended to be a one-time deal to raise money for the youth & young adult ministry at church,” but by popular demand and the financial backing from the Victory Baptist Church, Dr. Jewel R. Peters pastor & founder, the local NAACP and the City of Oakland, it has been performed every year for the 4 years, each time to a sell-out crowd. She also wrote & produced, The Sam Cooke Story & Sam Cooke: Portrait of a Legend, both are a biographical sketches of Sam Cooke’s life; one a lot more edgy than the other. She considers Sam Cooke a trendsetter of the 50’s rock-n-roll music. “Tossed between singing gospel and singing rock-n-roll; a feeling I know all too well. Sam’s decision to be a rock-n-roll singer became controversial among the “church folk. That decision even broke up his relationship with his family, I believe that this played a major part in his self destruction, “she stated, after researching the history of legendary, Sam Cooke. Michelle wanted to also bring out another side of his story, the side where he paved the way for many artists by breaking racial barriers, refusing to perform to a segregated audience.

Faith, Hope & Charity, is a story of three high-maintenance, educated, career and fashion oriented; “gurls” named, of course, Faith, Hope & Charity. Friends-for-life who are in their mid-to-late twenties, with an upscale attitude and upper management jobs. Their love lives, however, are slowly going downhill. It also features three men who have their own individual views of “how a black Christian woman should be. Put the six of them together and there is major comedy, capping sessions and heated discussions. The common denominator is their love for the Lord. This play touches upon hidden secrets, domestic violence, righteous indignations and self-esteem issues. In addition, she co-produced music for a Disney soundtrack and a theme song for a sitcom, lends her vocals on the movie soundtrack, "Phat Gurlz" starring comedienne, M’onique, original songs for her plays, and the “ChurchGurl” theme song. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in Mass Communications. “Chelle,” as close friends and family affectionately call her, is also deeply involved in her community. She is the co-founder of the Victory Young Adult Ministry, “The CLIC, “Committed Leaders in Christ” and the founder of the Victory Drama Group, which is a collection of 40 gifted singers, musicians and actors ranging in ages, the Director of Music and Arts at the Victory Baptist Church, Pastor Martin R. Peters. She has performed in an HBO promotional advertisement, has done voiceovers for a CBS affiliate talk show in San Francisco, performed at Hollywood’s Celebrity Center, sang at the National Baptist Convention U.S.A Inc. three consecutive years (one year held at Madison Square Garden, where President Bill Clinton was the honored guest) performed the National Anthem for all professional sports teams in the Bay Area; Oakland A’s, Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders, does studio vocal sessions with various artists and is now coaching her niece, Marissa Rae Peters in vocals. She was once signed to the Wilhelmina Scouting Agency where she did print modeling and jingles. In January of 2003, she launched a trendy clothing line called, “ChurchGurl”.

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