I'm someone who makes her living with words, but when I wear "ChurchGurl," I don't have to say a word..because it says it all! I asked Michelle what her inspiration was to start "ChurchGurl" and with much optimism, she expressed to me, as she drank her Starbuck's caramel macchiato at my kitchen counter, that her goal was for women, young girls, mothers and baby girls to be proud of who they are and feel a sense of connection and belonging to God and the church .I applaud her for this adventure into the fashion industry. I feel elated that she is stepping into new territory with such bravery because several years ago, I too enlarged my territory becoming founder and director of a conference that has grown from 700 participants to 4000. Ladies, "ChurchGurl" is more than just fashion, it's a bold statement that brings courage and understanding of who we are as "Church girls." My roots are planted firmly in the church and it is my faith that has brought me this far. I sport "ChurchGurl" when I dress up, when I dress down, when I'm facilitating meetings and when I'm just kicking it with my family. To me, getting dressed is about mixing things up and having fun and CG fits perfect with my fashion philosophy. So, as a supporter of "ChurchGurl" I say, "Ready or not, here she comes!" She is eagerly anticipating expanding the line with hot new accessories and active wear and that's real "Gurl Talk! Go, Pe'Tee!!!


Lady Kitty Griffin is the First Lady of Greater Faith Church,
Sacramento, CA,
a gospel recording artist and founder & director of
Progressive Women of Excellence, Inc. Sacramento, CA



I’m so proud of my daughter for birthing ChurchGurl, she is a very creative person with much tenacity. When she puts her mind to something, she will follow thru and deliver until the task is finished. Being the director of our church’s young adult ministry as well as the music and arts ministry, she has sacrificed a lot of herself for the well being of others and I pray the success of ChurchGurl! Though it’s trendy, it’s also classy. It’s not just for the young, but for the young at heart!

Lady E. Dolores Peters
“ChurchGurl” is the true meaning of the fashionable at heart with a spiritual soul. My name is Miko Hudson and I am a child of the king. I know it and walk in it everyday and now, thanks to “Church Gurl” I can wear it too.

Michelle you are truly a fashion visionary sent from God and I was blessed the day I met you. Thank you for making something that I affectionately call “church casual.” When I wear my “ChurchGurl” gear, wherever I go I am able to continuously represent the Father.

I am a saved, servant of GOD, who is faithful; but O, how wonderful it is to be faithful and fashionable! I luv “ChurchGurl” and for that reason I am a “ChurchGurl” and as we say, that’s real “Gurl Talk!”

Dr. Miko M. Hudson
Nashville, TN
Writer & Educator

ChurchGurl is “Putting on the Glitz” and making ladies around the country and abroad feel good while making a radiant statement of conviction, profoundness and power! Chelle, I am proud of you for starting an empowering movement in fashion. Moreover, when I see ladies wearing ChurchGurl, it gives me great pleasure and a sense of belonging to know that this is something that was inspired by God and implemented by my niece.

Lady Kathi Pinkard, Aunt
Evergreen Baptist Church
Oakland, CA
Michelle, we wear ChurchGurl gear all the time and we love the concept.May God continue to bless you with much success!

Erica & Tina
"Mary Mary"

I am so excited to be talking to you about ChurchGurl.  I absolutely love this line!It's fashion and function for all you sassy, savvy and saved "churchgurls" that are serious about Kingdom Business! Not only is it stylish but ChurchGurl creates an awesome opportunity for ministry. The Bible teaches us that we should not be ashamed to testify about our God who has saved us, and called us into a life set apart for His glory! Not because we deserve it, but because of God's grace and purpose for our lives. 


Whenever I wear my ChurchGurl tees, whether at conferences, retreats, in the airport or just around town, ChurchGurl inevitably becomes a topic of conversation: an occasion to share what being a real "churchgurl" is all about!

Congratulations Chelle, This is just the beginning! The "Gurls" are definitely talking!


Dr. Jacqueline Thompson

Washington DC

Victory and I

Auntie Chelle,

Victory & I want to say that though we are Daddy’s Little Princesses,  we will always be true “ChurchGurls” in God’s Eyes!


Marissa R. Peters & Victory T. Curry
Ris & Torie


Michelle, you and I have been friends for a long time and you have always thought out-of-the-box.  You were creative even then; doing the girls make-up on picture day and "styling" your Catholic school uniform (which was never 2 inches above the knee in 4 years!!!)
 I remember when I first found out that you were a “ChurchGurl” and a Pastor's daughter.  I would let everyone know when we were at "indisputable" places..i.e. "Dance Party" television show, looking like a "Soul Train" dancer or a  VideoGurl instead of a "ChurchGurl." And of all things, your parents happen to watch it that day..or Marty dropped a dime on you! 
Who would have ever thought that 20 years later you would trademark the name and make a clothing line out of it?  After I found out your little secret, you eventually invited me to your church and my mouth dropped when I heard you sing! That experience made me realize that true worship exceeds color lines and I want to thank you and your family for being the first to show me that.  Now that I'm a mother and a “ChurchGurl” as well, I am instilling that in Ci-Ci.  We want to say that we are proud of you, thank you for including us in all that you do in ministry, whether it's writing plays, doing a concert, Sunday worship and now with “ChurchGurl.”
Love you much,

Susan & Cienna
(Holy Names High School friend)



Auntie Chelle, It seems like only yesterday when I did my first photoshootfor ChurchGurl. Now after 5 years later, I'm so very proud that it's still in demand. Isn't it wonderful that you are the creator of something that will never, ever, ever go out of style. As long as there is church, there will be ChurchGurl...you have created a timeless legacy.

I love you much

Marissa Rae Peters
14 years old



Thank you, Chelle for showing us that we can be fashionable and serve God at the same time.

We love you so much,

Delilah & Donjae
Victory Baptist Church,
Oakland, CA




In less than 6 years, ChurchGurl by Michelle Peters has positioned itself in the world of fashion as a premiere female brand. It’s savvy, sassy and stylish. Its rhinestone tees with the clever name ChurchGurl were produced to electrify the Church world. When celebrities, models and tastemakers began wearing the baby tees, a phenomenal movement grew. A lifestyle brand was born. Congratulations to Chelle.


Jamilah Jefferson




Dorothy Norwood

"I'm a Sassy, Savvy, Saved ChurchGurl too, Michelle"


Ms. Dorothy Norwood
Legendary Gospel Singer


Robin Ware

I salute Michelle Peters and the ChurchGurl brand! I met Michelle 6 years ago and immediately fell in love with her spirit. I am a ChurchGurl – professional, fashionable, and serious about my relationship with Christ.

Robin M. Ware
The Ware Agency, Atlanta, GA


Robin Ware

Congrats to my longtime friend & fellow ChurchGurl Michelle Peters for her ChurchGurl clothingline. Everywhere I go, when wearing it, it is a brand new ChurchGurl Experience for me & my ‘gurls.’

First Lady, Dr. Jeanne Wilson and her daughter’s Morgan & Kennedy Wilson
Revelation Christian Center, San Leandro, Ca


Victory and I

Chelle, just wanted to tell you congratulations on the ChurchGurl line and we wear it proudly!


Shannon Harrison & daughters, Alexandria & Skylar
Victory Baptist Church of Oakland

Victory and I

Michelle and I met when my daughter, Katrina was just 3 years old and quickly formed a sister-ship, which has been no short of awesome. When I look back over the years, it warms my heart to know that "Daddy Peters" entrusted me with his ChurchGurl even though I was only a few years older than she was. Michelle, I'm so proud of you and honored that you have given Katrina and I the opportunity to represent your company and express our love for the Lord as ChurchGurls ourselves. My testimony is this, “There comes a time in our lives when the Lord sits us down to get our attention. That day came for me and my children close to a year ago. We are no strangers to the Lord and His work. We have been blessed by one of His miracles. As we begin our “NEW” journey in Him, we are more focused and filled with the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing how He redirects our paths and changes the players in our lives. "

Peace and Blessings
Nedra & daughter, Katrina "Kat"